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Zinnia 'Pastel Mix'

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Zinnia 'Pastel Mix'
Zinnia elegans

A beautiful mix of blush, peach, rosy hues and a few lilac colored zinnias. The shapes of the flowers range from Cactus with ‘ripped’ edges to full on fluffy balls that are as large as the palm of your hand. Most of the flowers are doubles and semi doubles with some single florets. 

These will be the perfect addition to your cut flower garden and would add a beautiful touch to bridal bouquets. 

Zinnias are easy to grow and can be tucked into any sunny spot in your garden. 

Plant type: annual
Height: 30-40”
Site: full sun
Days to maturity: 75-90 days
Plant spacing: 9-12”
Pinch: when 12” tall
Approx seeds per packet: 50


How to Grow:

Transplant:  Sow indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost and cover the seeds as darkness is required for germination. Harden off and transplant out after last frost. Do not allow plants to become root bound and avoid disturbing roots; transplant shock or other stress events may cause double-flowering varieties to produce single blooms for a period following stress. 

Direct Seed: Sow 1/4" deep after all dangers of frost have passed.

Germination: 3-5 days at 80-85°F

Where to plant: 

Plant in full sun. Zinnias prefer fertile soil rich in organic matter.

Harvesting/Vase Life:

Gently shake the stem to check if it’s droopy or bends much at all. If the stem is stiff and remains erect, it is ready to harvest. Zinnias should last 7-10 days in the vase.