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Snapdragon ‘Potomac Lavender’

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Snapdragon ‘Potomac Lavender’

Antirrhinum majus

The delicate soft lavender flowers of this old-fashioned favorite resemble tiny dragon faces, adding to their unique and captivating charm. Snapdragons, a beloved staple of the cottage garden, have been revitalized with subtle hues, fragrant aromas, and intricate blossoms.

'Potomac Lavender,' is considered an "all-season" variety and will bloom from spring through fall. Plus, they're edible! You can add them to salads, desserts, and drinks to add a pop of color. Just remember that they have a floral taste and are a bit bitter, so don't go overboard.


Plant type: annual

Height: 30-36”

Site: full sun 

Days to maturity: 110-120 days

Plant spacing: 9-12”

Pinch: when 4-5” tall

Indoor & Pots: grows well in large containers outside 

Seeds per packet: 25

Read Growing Instructions here.