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Ranunculus Bianco Sfumato - 20 corms (Available September 6th)

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Available at the end of August! Sign up for our emails to be notified. 

The Elegance Ranunculus Bianco Sfumato variety from Italy is prized for its superior genetic improvements. These beautiful flowers have soft white petals with pink edges.  

Ranunculus are often called the "Rose of Spring". These long-lasting blooms grace spring gardens with blooms that last until summertime. Great for flower pots and flower beds that do best when given full sun.

Planting instructions are included with your order.

  • 100% fully double flowering
  • high production (9 to 15 Stems each)
  • Spring Planting in Zones 2-6; Fall Planting in Zones 7-12
  • Also Known as Persian Buttercup
  • Includes 20 corms in a cotton bag

****Shipping 2nd week of September
Orders that include Tulips and Daffodils will ship in October!