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Pumpkin 'Marina di Chioggia'

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Pumpkin 'Marina di Chioggia'

Cucurbita maxima

These bumpy squashes with blistered, slate-blue skin make a wild and unique statement when used as ornamentals for fall. 

Its deep orange-yellow flesh is fiber-less, sweet, dry, and great for making pasta. In fact, Amy Goldman raves about them in her new book, The Compleat Squash, describing this Italian seaside specialty as "deliziosa," particularly for making gnocchi and ravioli. Don't miss out on this culinary revelation and stunning ornamental squash!


Plant type: annual

Spread: 6-8’

Site: full sun

Days to maturity: 95-110 days

Plant spacing: 18-30”

Pinch: not necessary 

Kids, Pets, and Deer: nontoxic, deer resistant

Indoor & Pots: does not grow well in pots

Seeds per packet: 10