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Celosia 'Flamingo Feather'

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Celosia ‘Flamingo Feather’

Celosia spicata

Celosia 'Flamingo Feather' is a delicate and beautiful addition to your garden. These plants have airy pink plumes that fade to blush as they age, resembling pink Bunnytails grass. Also known as wheat celosia, this heat-loving plant is strongly branching and produces plenty of soft, feathery plumes that are perfect for bouquets.. It's a must-have for any gardener looking to add a touch of elegance to their outdoor space..


Plant type: annual

Height: 24-36”

Site: full sun

Days to maturity: 90-95 days

Plant spacing: 12-18”

Pinch: when 6-8” tall

Kids, Pets, and Deer Resistance: non-toxic, deer resistant

Indoor & Pots: grows well in large containers outside

Approx seeds per packet: 100