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Celosia 'Coral Mix'

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Celosia ‘Coral Mix’

Celosia spicata

A bold but soft combination of neon peach, raspberry, and orange with a few pale rosy hues reflects the colors of an ocean reef. 

The shapes of the flowers are a mix of feathery (plumed) and fan shaped flower heads that look amazing as a filler in a bouquet!

Celosia is a tropical plant and grows best in hot and sunny conditions.


Plant type: annual

Height: 24-36”

Site: full sun

Days to maturity: 90-95 days

Plant spacing: 12-18”

Pinch: when 6-8” tall

Kids, Pets, and Deer Resistance: non-toxic, deer resistant

Indoor & Pots: grows well in large containers outside

Approx seeds per packet: 100


How to grow

Transplant (recommended): Sow  6-8 weeks before your last frost. Cover seeds lightly with vermiculite. Light is required for germination. Harden off and transplant out after last frost.

Direct seed:  Only in locations with a long growing season! Sow after last frost. Pinching is recommended to encourage branching. Low temperatures and less than 12 hours of light can cause premature flowering.

Germination: 8-14 days at 70-80°F (21-27°C)

Where to plant

Plant in full sun and well-drained, moist, fertile soil high in organic matter. 

Harvest/Vase Life

Harvest when the flowers are fully developed, and the stems are firm at the base of the bloom. 

For drying: remove all the foliage and hang in a dark, well-ventilated location to for 2-3 weeks dry.