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Stock ‘Antique Pink’

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Stock ‘Antique Pink’

Matthiola incana

Stocks are famous for their fragrant, fluffy blooms infusing the surroundings with their delightful fragrance. These cherished plants flourish in cooler temperatures. With a beautiful chartreuse green center, pale pink edges, and a spicy scent, a mere handful of stems is enough to make a significant impression in both gardens and bouquets. Half of the plants will be single-flowered, the other half double, so plant twice as many as you need. This variety produces one flowering stem per plant. 

Stock’s edible flowers have a peppery, clove-like flavor that makes them an excellent choice as a garnish for salads, desserts, and drinks.


Plant type: hardy annual

Height: 18-30”

Site: full sun

Days to maturity: 90-100 days

Plant spacing: 6-9”

Pinching: do not pinch plants

Kids, Pets, and Deer: non-toxic, deer resistant

Indoor & Pots: grows well in large containers outside

Approx seeds per packet: 50