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Pumpkin 'Musquee de Provence'

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Pumpkin 'Musquee de Provence'

Cucurbita moschata

This is your classic Fairytale pumpkin! It’s Ribbed, flat, and tan fruits are bigger than Long Island Cheese, avg. 15–40 lb.  The thick, deep orange flesh is moderately sweet and perfect for cooking, while also making a great decorative addition to any fall display. In fact, in France, cut wedges of this pumpkin are commonly sold in supermarkets and farmers' markets for cooking.


Plant type: annual

Spread: 6-8’

Site: full sun

Days to maturity: 95-110 days

Plant spacing: 18-30”

Pinch: not necessary 

Kids, Pets, and Deer: nontoxic, deer resistant

Indoor & Pots: does not grow well in pots

Seeds per packet: 10