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Anemone Mistral Rosa Chiaro - 10 corms (Available Now)

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These are no ordinary anemone corms - these Italian varieties are bigger, more robust, and come in the most beautiful shades you can find!

These Mistral Rosa Chiaro flowers have 

perfect shades of soft pink to creamy almost white petals offset by a large bluish-black center

They are not that hard to grow and often produce up to 15 flowers per corm, making them a true garden workhorse.

Planting instructions are included with your order. 

  • High production (10 to 15 flowers per corm)
  • Height: 12-20"
  • Spring Planting in Zones 3-6; Fall Planting in Zones 7-10
  • Perennial in USDA Zones 8-10, but can be grown as annuals anywhere
  • Includes 10 corms in a cotton bag

**Shipping 2nd week of September
Orders that include Tulips and Daffodils will ship in October!