Winter's Rest

Winter's Rest

What a beautiful winter it has been! The Northwest pocket of the United States got a bit of a cold spell and we got 8" of snow over Christmas. And it's the type of snow that's been sticking around and didn't melted after a few hours. That is very unusual in this maritime climate. Personally, I LOVE the snow and prefer a crisp cold snow day to a gray mild rainy day anytime.

My parents are visiting from Germany and are watching the kiddos. We were hoping to get some projects done around the farm, but there's not much you can do in this deep snow except for wipe the snow off the low tunnel. 

A snowy field with brids eating seeds from plants that stick out of the snow.

We prepared for the snow in time and gave the ranunculus a layer of row cover under its low tunnel. I've covered up the sweet peas with hoops and a row cover as well. The yarrow is the only plant that did not get a blanket and I am curious to see how it will hold up once the snow melts away. 

We've set up a new seed starting rack in the house and I am anxious to get started on the eucalyptus and lisianthus seeds. This week I will be pre-sprouting anemones and another round of ranuncs and hopefully planting them out after the frost. 

We hope you had a wonderful, cozy and warm holiday! May the New Year bring you much joy and peace.

Emilie & CJ

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