How to grow Tulips

How to grow Tulips


Tulips are one of the easiest bulbs you can grow and are super winter hardy. They provide some of the earliest blooms,  need very little care as the bulbs sit dormant under the soil all winter and the pest pressure is minor in the spring! 

HEIGHT: 16-20"
SPACING:1-3" between bulbs
LIGHT: Full sun or part-shade
DEER: Not deer resistant
KIDS+PETS: Non-toxic
CLIMATE: Needs freezing winter temps to bloom
WATER: Only needs supplemental water in very dry conditions
INDOOR+POTS: Grows well in containers outside


Tulips make the most impact when planted en masse.  I recommend ditching the bulb planter, and  instead planting clumps of at least 10 bulbs. Make sure to pick a sunny and well draining spot for your bulbs. 


Dig out a generous circle or trench of soil about 6” deep and add a bit of compost. The bulbs should be buried 3 times as deep as they are tall.


Place the bulbs with the pointed side up into your hole. Tulip bulbs can be planted as close as eggs in a carton, but not touching. Water after they are securely in place and refill the hole with the soil you removed earlier. If you are planting in a pot, choose the biggest container that you can find. Bigger is always better because larger pots don’t dry out as quickly and can hold more bulbs. 


Tulips need at least 10-12 weeks of cool temperatures to start producing blooms. Come spring, the bulbs will start to push up through the soil. Harvest when the buds are just beginning to color and watch the flowers open all the way in the vase. If you want to perennialize your tulips, make sure to leave at least 2 sets of leaves on the stem when harvesting to give the bulb energy for the next season. Flowers are typically smaller and you may see a change in color  in subsequent years but they  still put on a pretty show.

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