Our Story

Our Story

A father and mother sit on a big rock in the middle of the desert holding up their toddler between them.


My husband and I have always been adventurous. 

We have back-packed in the Pacific North West and hiked to Machu Pichu. We love the outdoors and always seek special places in nature. I was born in Siberia and always feel very peaceful among the trees and wildflowers.

About 5 years ago we fell in love with the Mojave Desert and decided to move there. It was a magical time and we truly love the desert but I couldn't even keep a cactus alive! My heart was craving something green and lush. I wanted to be able to grow food and flowers, but our environment was just too harsh for plants with the high temperatures and high pest pressure from thirsty critters. 
So we decided to return to the green land, to be surrounded by bodies of water and treed mountains. 

We landed in beautiful SW Washington close to the coast of the Pacific Ocean and almost at the delta of the Columbia River as it enters the sea. The perfect place for a flower farm. The perfect place to call home and raise our family.

We started Flower People because we want to share the beauty of plants.

Unlike a traditional cut flower farm, we focus on producing seeds and tubers. We want to help create unique gardens and make hard-to-find but easy-to-grow plants available to the home gardener.

Thank you for following along. We are excited to have you on our journey!

Emilie & CJ

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Hello Emilie
I received the ranuculus corms which I purchased from you! I love and certainly appreciate the effort in the beautiful packaging! The tissue wrapped flower bags! Just perfect! In that effort, it really shows your love for your flower business! Thank you again. The corms are planted and I’m waiting to transplant to larger pots. I’m in NJ shore area. Zone 7a.
Gods blessings to you and your precious ones

Anne Milanesi

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