Our Dahlia field preparations 2023

Our Dahlia field preparations 2023

We are expanding our dahlia growing area to kick off dahlia tuber and seed production! And I’m only selecting the bestest of the best varieties.

We started last year by pulling out all of the rocks left behind by the logging community, amended the soil with lime and minerals according to a soil test and tried to grow a cover crop (which we planted too late in the season and it didn’t grow). 

Since we are in the rainy Pacific NW and have clay for soil, we are adding a healthy dose of sand to build up the land and then topping it off with lots of compost. 




Dahlias don’t need much, but healthy soil, some sun and the right amount of water!

The tubers will go in the ground at the end of April/ beginning of May and will be pulled up sometime in October depending on the weather. Pulling the tubers should be done after the first frost or anytime after 120 days from when they’ve been planted.


Our USDA growing zone is 8b - it’s relatively mild throughout the year but we do get freezing temperatures and dry spells in the summers. Our winters are extremely wet which makes bulbs and corms susceptible to rot. 


I’ve selected 70 gorgeous varieties to grow this year and I can’t wait to share them with you!


I’m playing with the idea of planting the colors in rainbow order, because why not?  It will be beautiful for pictures and help me see the color differences better.


I can’t wait to share the transformation of this field and the beautiful blooms.

I’d love to hear from you! What are you most excited about growing this season??




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