A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Since moving to the farm in April we've been working on converting the fields of grass to fertile garden beds. Our growing space is divided by a drive-way into a big and little field. After tilling the big field we discovered many spots with river rock deposits which can break the tiller and the tractor.

Picture Above: fields or grass that we started with

A man sits on a red tractor backlit by the sun behind him against the blue sky.

So while we are coming up with a plan on how to get those out of the field we've decided to start growing on the small field first. 

Over the summer we created a few test beds that we used to grow squash, pumpkins, sunflowers, zinnias and tomatoes. The test beds gave us the opportunity to test our new tractor with its attachments and get an idea for pests on the farm. We've quickly learned that deer like to frequent our fields daily and the squash attract cucumber bugs which devoured mostly the zinnias and sunflowers.

 A little girl with a hat sitting in the garden holding pink and orange zinnias.An image of a fully open pink zinnia in a garden bed.Bird's eye view image of pumpkins and squash laying on the ground.
We are planning on expanding the growing space by autumn and start our growing season officially with "cool flowers" (flowers that will overwinter and bloom in early spring) and bulbs such as tulips, narcissus and ranunculus. So excited to create bouquets with our own flowers next year and share the bounty with our community!

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