A bucket full of Totally tangerine  Dahlias - an anemone type dahlia.

What you need to know about dahlias

Dahlias are relatively easy to grow and only need a few essentials: good soil, water and lots of sun. Here are a few things to keep in mind when ordering dahlias.


If you are not ready to plant your dahlias after receiving the shipment, you must store them properly to avoid rotting or drying of the tubers. Store dahlia tubers in their packaging in a cool location (above freezing) . Make sure it’s not too hot or dry to prevent the tubers from shriveling but also not too moist to prevent molding. If the temperatures are on the warmer side the tubers might start sprouting.

Planting Area (Sun, Drainage and Space)

Select a sunny, well draining location with adequate space for the plants to grow. Space 2-3ft apart for landscaping and 12” in a cutting garden. In areas of cool temperatures and low humidity (e.g. coastal NW) closer spacing can be used, but don’t get greedy! Denser spacing will create poor air circulation and invite more diseases.

Most dahlias that grow over 4ft tall will need support. There are many ways to provide that. Anything from bamboo canes, t-posts and tomato cages will work! 

Variety Selection (Which dahlia should I choose?)

Whether you are growing to make arrangement or simply to enjoy them in your garden, there is a huge range of forms and sizes to choose from. Here are a few of the most popular. You choose what you like! 

  • Anemone
  • Ball
  • Formal Decorative
  • Pompon
  • Cactus
  • Dinnerplate (Informal Decorative)

Anemones: disk flowers that surround a pincushion-shaped center of different colors. The most unique appearance - you might question whether its an actual dahlia!

'Platinum Blonde' Dahlia

Formal Decorative: these dahlia varieties have evenly spaced, flat-tip petals. A popular cut class.

'Peaches N' Cream' Dahlia

Peaches Dahlia

Ball: fully double flower heads that are perfectly round with petals often arranged in a spiral. The longest-lasting and most weather-resistant varieties. A must for your garden. 

'Linda's Baby' Dahlia

Pompon: petit ball-shaped flowers similar to ball variety but smaller. Great as an accent or filler flower.

'Franz Kafka' Dahlia

Franz Kafka Dahlia

Cactus: Flower heads are fully double. The petals are thin and elongated giving them a poky shape.

'Kiev' Dahlia

Kiev Cactus Dahlia

Dinner plates: Are a type of Informal Decorative shapes that have a soft and romantic quality to the blooms. Dinner plates means they are as big as a dinner plate 8-10” in diameter! 

'Cafe au Lait Twist' Dahlia

Cafe au Lait Twist

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