Seed Starting Checklist: April

Seed Starting Checklist: April


Spring is here! And for us in Western WA April is the month when our average last frost happens! 

Important: google your last frost date using your zip code. 

Knowing your last frost date is very important because it tells us whether the ground is warm enough for warm weather seeds to start growing. Once you are past your last average frost date, many seeds can be directly planted into the ground. 

If starting indoors, seedlings need about 3-4 weeks of indoor growing before they can be transplanted outside.

Please keep in mind that I reside in Zone 8B (State of WA), so this checklist is tailored for those in Zones 7-8. However, it can be adjusted for other zones with a few simple tweaks. 


Click on the Image below to download a printable PDF ↓

April Flower Seed Starting Checklist



    Seed Organization Tip:

    Organize your seeds by planting month so that, when the time comes, you can easily retrieve and plant only the seeds required for that specific month without having to sift through the entire stash.

    So, as March rolls in, let's get our hands dirty and start this gardening journey. This February Seed Starting Checklist is all about making things happen for your garden and getting early, strong-stemmed flowers. Get ready to grow!


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