How to grow Zinnias

How to grow Zinnias

Zinnia (Zinnia elegans)

Zinnias are indisputably one of the most abundant bloomers among flowers. These heat-resistant and low-maintenance plants produce a profusion of flowers throughout the summer season. Zinnias come in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and colors, ranging from the impressive double blooms to the charming scabiosa types. One of the easiest flowers to grow for the home gardener.


Plant type: annual

Height: 30-40”

Site: full sun

Days to maturity: 75-90 days

Plant spacing: 9-12”

Pinch: when 12” tall

Kids, Pets and Deer: non-toxic, deer resistant

Indoor & Pots: grows well in containers outside

How to Grow:

Transplant:  Sow indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost and cover the seeds as darkness is required for germination. Harden off and transplant out after last frost. Do not allow plants to become root bound and avoid disturbing roots; transplant shock or other stress events may cause double-flowering varieties to produce single blooms for a period following stress. 

Direct Seed: Sow 1/4" deep after all dangers of frost have passed.

Germination: 3-5 days at 80-85°F

Where to plant: 

Plant in full sun. Zinnias prefer fertile soil rich in organic matter.

Harvesting/Vase Life:

Gently shake the stem to check if it’s droopy or bends much at all. If the stem is stiff and remains erect, it is ready to harvest. Zinnias should last 7-10 days in the vase.

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