Flower Seed Starting Checklist for February

February Seed Starting Checklist

“Anyone who thinks that gardening begins in the Spring and ends in the Fall is missing out on the best time of the year. Gardening begins in January with a dream.” - Josephine Neuse

I absolutely love this quote. Winters are for dreaming, making lists, and creating mood boards for the flowers and colors we want to see, as well as sifting through seed catalogs.

And then February rolls around, and guess what? You can actually begin sowing seeds! I’ve created this checklist for our Zone - 8B, but anyone in Zone 7 can also use it. Read a few tips below if you are in a different Zone!


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February Seed Starting Checklist

If you are in a colder zone (6 and lower), you might want to wait until the end of February or beginning of March to sow these indoors, or you’ll have to grow the seedlings a little longer indoors before planting outside (once your soil is workable).

If you are in a warmer zone (9 and higher), it may be too late for Ranunculus and Anemones.

Sweet Peas might not do so well in areas with quick, hot Springs. They would be best planted in the fall and grow slowly over the winter months.

Poppies and Larkspur need a cold treatment and can be sown outside during the winter. You could try sprinkling poppy seeds directly onto the snow and have them germinate once the snow melts!


Seed Organization Tip:

Organize your seeds by planting month so that, when the time comes, you can easily retrieve and plant only the seeds required for that specific month without having to sift through the entire stash.

So, as February rolls in, let's get our hands dirty and start this gardening journey. This February Seed Starting Checklist is all about making things happen for your garden and getting early, strong-stemmed flowers. Get ready to grow!




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