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Thomas Edison Dahlia

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Thomas Edison is a dinner plate dahlia with dark plum coloring that is accented by maroon highlights. Having been developed in the early 1900’s it is one of the oldest varieties of dahlias commonly grown today. These uniquely dark flowers are sure to be eye-catchingly splendid.

Each dahlia is shipped as a full clump that can be divided into multiple individual tubers (which will each make its own plant) or can be planted together as one clump.

Ships beginning mid-April, after your last frost.

Style:  Informal Decorative - Dinnerplate

Flower Color: Dark Purple 

Flower Size: 8-10”

Plant Height: 3-4’

Light: full sun

Plant spacing: 12-18”

Pinch: when plants are 12” tall

Includes: 1 clump of tubers and planting cards.

* Imported variety