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Flower People

Flower Girl Bundle (Labyrinth Twotone, Sweet Love, Pink Pearl, Mondriaan)

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This mix includes one clump each of Labyrinth Twotone, Sweet Love, Pink Pearl, and Mondriaan dahlias in one bunch.

Each dahlia is shipped as a full clump that can be divided into multiple individual tubers (which will each make its own plant) or can be planted together as one clump.

Ships beginning mid-April, after your last frost.

Style: Dinnerplate

Flower Color: Pale Peach / Blush / Bone / Pink

Flower Size: 8-10”

Plant Height: 3-4’

Light: full sun

Plant spacing: 12-18”

Pinch: when plants are 12” tall

Includes: 3 clumps of tubers and planting instructions

* Imported variety